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This product is currently NOT AVAILABLE. Check out our German hearing protection shop and discover great new solutions.

Useful Accessories:

ClearVail, a small tube with a screw-on cover that fits any pants pocket and keeps your earplugs clean.

PocketCase, the case perfect for carrying in your pants pocket.

EAR Classic II

Very popular rubber foam plug for a low price.

EAR Classic IIOne of the most used hearing protectors. The yellow rubber foam is rolled between thumb and forefinger and inserted in the ears. It expands inside, thus closes the ears and protects against noise.

SonicGramNew: EAR Classic 2 available at SonicShop. According to the manufacturer EAR Classic 2 is free of arsenic, stannous organic compounds and antimony. The amount of TBT was reduced by 90% in comparison to the first version. Therefore EAR Classic 2 is now especially healthy and environment friendly.

These plugs are very suitable for people who want to protect their hearing occasionally and for a short time.

EAR Classic IIEAR Classic II are perfectly wearable under helmets. They are cheap, hygienic and have very high dampening data. Thus they are suitable even for high noise levels.

Compare the price: If you order at SonicShop you will get 5 pairs of EAR Classic II in a supply box for only 2.70 Euro.

Further information about handling and insertion of rubber foam plugs you can find here.



When you look for hearing protection that is reusable and provides excellent sound quality we recommend: