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This product is currently NOT AVAILABLE. Check out our German hearing protection shop and discover great new solutions.

Useful Accessories:

ClearVail, a small tube with a screw-on cover that fits any pants pocket and keeps your earplugs clean.

PocketCase, the case perfect for carrying in your pants pocket.

Bilsom 303

Soft rubber foam plugs - a low-priced solution.

Bilsom 303Bilsom hearing protection plugs are made of especially soft rubber foam. They are rolled between your thumb and forefinger and thus fit into your auditory canal without any problems.

You can buy Bilsom in a small and large version so that it is also suitable for small and sensitive ears.

Bilsom is suitable for almost every situation - it is especially suitable for people who wear a helmet (the soft rubber foam doesn't press under the helmet) and as a snoring stop at night.

SonicGramBilsoms effectively absorb high frequencies as well as deep frequencies and thus are also popular among noise workers. The main speech range (2 kHz) is not absorbed that much. That's why speech comprehension is maintained to some extent.

Bilsom-303-hearing protectors are low-priced, hygienic and have a high absorption.

Further information about handling and insertion of rubber foam plugs you can find here.


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