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Useful transport tube to go.

ClearVailWith SonicShop’s ClearVails your hearing protection is always properly protected and hygienically stored.

ClearVail is a very useful accessory for most hearing protectors. The problem: lots of hearing protectors are lying around in big packages or are packed without any protection from pressure. Some cases are just too big or too bulky.

Our solution: With ClearVail you can transport a pair of your favorite hearing protection very comfortably. Clear Vail is a half transparent plastic tube with winding. Height and diameter are designed for accommodating most of our hearing protectors. The blue cap can be positioned securely on top so that your hearing protection is protected against dust and dirt. In additions your ear plugs cannot be deformed in your pocket.

ClearVail comes with a metal ring that will help you to fix it e.g. on your belt or your key chain. ClearVail is perfect for protecting your hearing protection while you are traveling, at concerts or at work – or simply to safely store your ear plugs. On the beach your hearing protectors are protected against water and sand!

We recommend ClearVails for the following hearing protectors: