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MotoSafe II

The leading-edge ear plug for motor sports

MotoSafe II This ear plug is great for riding a motorbike and for people who are into motor sports - especially those who wear a helmet.

MotoSafe II was especially developed to absorb high noise levels in connection with motor sports. It also provides a solution for the fact that helmets are worn. With casual hearing protection you will have space problems under the helmet - and subsequently dents. That is different with MotoSafe II...

Motor sports require special solutions...
Not only motor sound can be damaging for your ear but also the sound of wind (this is often underestimated). In the table below you will find the results of measurements in the helmet's interior.

Speed / Wind sound (!) / do not expose yourself longer than:

It fits without pressing.
The small lamellas are made of especially flexible and durable plastics that snuggle the form of your ear due to body heat. That's why MotoSafe II is extremely comfortable. Even under tight helmets you can wear it without any problems. Lots of different hearing protection solutions need three or more lamellas for absorption and therefore cause a "closed" feeling in the ear. MotoSafe II reaches highest absorption with 2 extremely thin lamellas.

MotoSafe IIThat's new: 2 pairs of filters for highest flexibility!
MotoSafe II has two pairs of filters that are especially made for the acoustical reality in motor sports. They absorb especially the high (and extremely damaging) frequencies.

SonicGramGreen: Medium absorption for most situations. Especially important: the green filter comes with a ventilation system and makes for "cool" ears. In comparison to rubber foam hearing protection, language, signals and direction hearing are largely obtained with this especially developed filter. Other than yellow, green is made for broadband but with the tendency to protect against damaging high frequencies.

Yellow: A special filter with high absorption for situations with extremely high noise exposure. Strongest effect on high tones but clearly less bass absorption.

Every hearing situation is individually different. With MotoSafe II and its two pairs of filters you will always find the right combination - for your special hearing environment.
The filters can be changed with only one grip. The plugs come with a case so that you can always carry plugs and filters with you.

MotoSafe IIPlease pay attention when you use the filters in traffic: in situations with high noise exposure MotoSafe II decreases the overall volume. This is important since with lower volumes your hearing can differentiate and recognize much better (e.g. acoustical warning signals). Please also be aware that the use in a normal environment can affect the perception of acoustical signals. That's why hearing protection should only be worn in traffic when it is very noisy.

With the green filter the whole system is air-permeable without closing the auditory canal. Annoying sweating in the auditory canal or a feeling of pressure that can be felt whilst wearing hearing protection is now water under the bridge.

Standard equipment.
We deliver MotoSafe II with the two pairs of filters and a high quality soft case (at the moment it's red) with zip. This little case will fit in your pocket so that you can always take it with you.

MotoSafe II is not made for eternity but if you will clean and maintain these small HiFi plugs regularly you should have fun with them for one to one and a half years.

A word about the size.
At the moment MotoSafe II is most likely the smallest filter hearing protection on the market. And therefore also the most inconspicuous hearing protection. Depending on the size of the auditory canal it can almost disappear completely in the ear. Even in small auditory canals it fits well and inconspicuously even though it is not completely invisible. For very small ears MotoSafe II's lamellas can be shortened and thus optimize the fitting. Especially under tight helmets this is an incredible advantage.