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Useful Accessories:

CleanUp, disinfector and cleaning solution.


Have a relaxed nightSleep Soft+ blocks out snoring noises and helps you sleep comfortably.

"Silent night...."
Noise can rob you of your sleep. Casual ear plugs are not made for an all night's usage, especially if you have to sleep on it...




SleepSoftSoothing news for all people who are suffering from ambient noise (during the night):

The ideal hearing protection.
SleepSoft+ protects you against disturbing ambient noise. A special filter makes for a perfect absorption without giving you the feeling of being locked out from the outside world. Even when the overall volume is damped you can still hear e.g. ringing, alarm clocks and alarm sounds.

SleepSoft+ has a unique form that is suitable for almost every ear. The user can adapt length and width itself.

SleepSoftSpecial filters for snoring sounds.
The SleepSoft+ filters are optimized for dampening ambient sounds, they are especially effective to reduce snoring sounds p. e. The filters are removable for cleaning purposes (e.g. with our cleaning spray).

Thermoshape against pressure sores.
SleepSoft+ is made from very soft material. Naturally the Thermoshape material is soft and is going to be even softer under the influence of the body heat. That's why SleepSoft+ is so comfortable. Lots of other hearing protection solutions need three or more lamellas for absorption and cause a "clogged" ear. SleepSoft+ provides best absorption with 2 extremely thin lamellas.
(Pictures on this site enlarged).

The open connection of the filter to the outside world prevents pressure from building up in your ear. This is a big adventage compared with other rubber foam plugs. Airconditioned means: less pressure, less sweating effect in the ear canal.

SleepSoft SetStandard equipment.
We deliver SleepSoft+ in a robust plastic case. Your SleepSoft+ ear plugs are kept protected against deformation in two hollow spaces. It also comes with an ear insertion aid for people who's ear plugs fit very deep inside the ear.

How quiet is it with SleepSoft+ ?
SleepSoft+ is not a hearing protection in accordance with the labor protection law. This is why we cannot provide SNR data for this product. However, the SonicShop-Team measured the SleepSoft+ filter in its own laboratory with the result of a medium dampening of approx. 22 dB. This means that sounds coming from the outside are reduced by 22 decibels. Especially low tones are reduced effectively (makes sense in context with snoring).

Important: Alarm clocks with a penetrating signal tone usually have a sound level of more than 70 decibels. SleepSoft+'s open filter ensures that those alarm signals will still be heard by the sleeping person.

SleepSoft+ is not made for eternity but if you clean and maintain these small plugs regularly you should have fun with them for one to one and a half years. Compare SleepSoft+ to the disposable ear plugs, it pays off. We recommend CleanUp for cleaning.

What does the "+" mean?
We offer SleepSoft+ now in the "+" version. Special is that barrel and filter are softer than before. Thereby pressure sores will be avoided more effective.