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Foam earplugs
Foam plugs: Hearing protection made of soft, yielding material

The cutting edge of trendy: Extra soft plugs randomly colored [more...]


The master: Nobody provides greater calm. Extreme sound suppression (SNR=37 dB!) and extra soft design with a band [more...]

Bilsom 303

Economical conical foam plugs. Now aviable in two sizes [more...]

Ohropax Soft

Very high sound suppression and unobtrusive skin colors, an interesting plug [more...]

EAR Classic II

Low budget solutions for occasional use, now with a new recipe. Probably Europes most popular earplug [more...]

Sonic Matrix Select

A new material makes NoRoll plugs possible: Now in three combinable sound suppression levels [more...]


Comfortable mini-plugs with a practical stick for insertion. You should always have a pair available [more...]





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