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Useful Accessories:

ClearVail, a small tube with a screw-on cover that fits any pants pocket and keeps your earplugs clean.

PocketCase, the case perfect for carrying in your pants pocket.

Sonic Matrix Select

No-Roll: Three thicknesses, three colors.

Each noisy situation requires a different level of noise protection. With our new Sonic Sonic Matrix SelectMatrix, you can now select how quiet you would like it. New: No-Roll technology.
Mix and match for your personal needs.

The material
The Sonic Matrix is not a conventional foam earplug. Its surface is very soft and less rough than conventional foam earplugs. The fine lengthwise grooves run in the direction of insertion. This makes them easy to handle. Very fine inner capillaries filter noise and admit it at a specific level into the auditory canal.

Noise suppression
Sonic Matrix Select We offer the Sonic Matrix in three different levels of noise suppression. Find your optimum level. Remember: If the noise suppression is too strong, you get the impression of isolation. The strongest noise suppression is not always the best.

Sonic Matrix Blue: 23 decibels, medium noise reduction (SNR). Especially suitable for moderately noisy environments. Speech is easily understandable.
SonicGramSonic Matrix Green: 27 decibels, medium noise reduction (SNR). Sufficient for most applications. Offers high suppression without complete silence.
Sonic Matrix Orange: 29 decibels, medium noise reduction (SNR). The strongest suppression for high noise levels. Offers the highest level of safety of the three Sonic Matrix versions; surrounding noise is effectively suppressed.

Mix and match
If you are not yet familiar with the Sonic Matrix: Mix them up to your heart's desire. Test the different noise reduction levels and find your favorites. Our shop system will recognize that you are combining different Matrix versions and will calculate the most economical price.
Sonic Matrix SelectEach pair of Sonic Matrix plugs is hygienically protected by a clear film.

The No-Roll principle
Conventional foam earplugs must be rolled between your thumb and forefinger before you insert them in your ear. The special Sonic Matrix design makes this step unnecessary: It can be directly inserted in your ear without rolling it. The special feature: The Matrix core is solid and stabilizes the earplugs when you insert them.