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Cord Max (extreme)

Cord Max (extreme)Cord Max is no longer aviable.



Anyone who requires maximum noise reduction should take a closer look at Cord Max. This hearing protection product offers by far greatest level of noise reduction in our range. Moreover, additional features are fitted as standard.

SonicGram"I don’t want to hear a thing."
“Not hearing a thing” isn’t really possible, but Cord Max is as good as it gets - none of our other hearing protection items has greater average noise reduction (SNR). When wearing hearing protection, using Cord Max is quieter than using all other hearing protectors.

Individual frequencies, or pitches, are reduced by just under 50 dB. The Cord Max thus reduces the particularly damaging frequency of 4000 Hz by 47.3 decibels. That makes an enormous difference.

The shape factor
The shape factorCord Max is different to other hearing protectors. As a perfect fit is particularly important for a high level of noise reduction, it has an anatomically shaped surface. It is specifically not conical-shaped throughout, but is, however, narrow at the tip and wide at the bottom.

Cord Max has particularly low reset forces, ensuring it sits comfortably in the ear without pressing on the ear canal. However, it only takes 30 – 40 seconds for Cord Max to spring into shape after it has been inserted.

The foam used in Cord Max is exceptionally smooth. Fewer pores means less dirt becomes engrained in your ear plug, which, in turn, means it is more hygienic. This is especially important when rolling it up ready for insertion.

Cord Max can be used up to three times*.

Cord Max with bandStandard features
We supply Max Cord with a band as standard. The light-blue, elasticised band is firmly attached to the ear plugs. This is particularly useful when you wish to take Cord Max out of your ears for a moment and leave it hanging around your neck.
If you don’t need the band – when sleeping or under a helmet, for instance – you can easily remove it with scissors.
Each pair of ear plugs is supplied in shrink-wrapped packaging, so they can be carried or stored in immaculate condition.
You can buy Cord Max in individual packs from us in the SonicShop. You are no longer required to purchase Cord Max in boxes of 100 or 200 pairs.