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Colorful fun for your ear.

ColorPluxOhropax's ColorPlux are the colorful new generation of super soft rubber foam plugs.

They are made of skin friendly PU-expandable rubber foam and are also comfortable if you have sensitive ears.

They are randomly colored so that every plug looks different. From light blue to neon pink - everything is possible.

Ohropax ColorPlux are formed anatomically (conical) and after rolling between your fingers you hold them until they are fully expanded in your auditory canal (30-60 seconds). The reset forces of the material will make for a perfect fit in your ear with soft pressure.

SonicGramColorPlux provide excellent sound absorption. High absorption (35 dB SNR) makes for secure dampening even in a very loud environment. Party, rave, disco, leisure, sports and so on - everywhere where it's really loud: Ohropax ColorPlux is the right choice.

Further information about handling and insertion of rubber foam plugs you can find here.

If you need larger quantities, please visit the SparkPlugs dispenser site.


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