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MusicSafe SonicSet Pro

'HiFi' earplugs with a great sound and range of accessories

MusicSafe SonicSet ProHere it is: Our HiFi superstar MusicSafe with superior wearing features. A total of three filter set. Change them yourself. Contained in the set: Special cleaning spray for a longer service life.

For musicians and music fans.
The MusicSafe SonicSet was specially developed to offer musicians and audiences high fidelity sound and sufficient protection during demos, concerts and other loud musical events. (the picture above is enlarged)

MusicSafe SonicSet ProIt sits comfortably without pressure – the secret of two lamella.
The small lamella are made of a flexible and lasting plastic that adapt particularly well to the shape of the ear under body heat. The MusicSafe Pro is extremely comfortable to wear. Many other earplug solutions require three or more lamella to provide a seal and make your ear feel all plugged up. The MusicSafe SonicSet Pro achieves superior noise suppression with two extremely thin lamellas.

MusicSafe SonicSet ProThe special feature: Three pairs of filters for maximum flexibility!
The MusicSafe SonicSet has three pairs of filters:

SonicGramm MusicSafe SonicSet ProWhite (see graphic): Music-optimized filters with outstanding sound characteristics. It is always described as particularly "true and open" – the natural sound signature and directional perception are retained. Speech remains understandable.

Silver: Medium sound suppression is designed for loud events. This is the best filter even on stage. It offers optimized balance between noise suppression and protection: It suppresses noise very effectively, but sound remains true.

Gold: This filter has the highest sound suppression in the set. In the midst of very loud noise, it offers the most protection of the three filters. In the particularly hazardous range of 2 kHz, it suppresses nearly 28 dB.

The filters are easily exchangeable during a concert or party in one simple maneuver.

MusicSafe SonicSet ProAir-conditioned.
All three filters breath, and the auditory canal is not closed. Annoying sweating in your auditory canal or pressure that builds when wearing earplugs are things of the past. In addition, your own voice does not sound as hollow as it does with solid plugs. Other people's voices are easily understandable.

Array of colors.
Select your favorite color for the lamella of your MusicSafe. You can order the snow white version or metallic gray lamellas from us. Both have the same consistency (softness).

MusicSafe Sonicset ProProduct line features – You can only get the SonicSet from us!
In addition to the three pairs of exchangeable filters, you get a stable case with rounded corners. Open it to access any one of the filters. You can transport the complete set of your MusicSafe SonicSet Pro with all the filters.

Fits comfortably in your pants pocket: Our ClearVail. This compact plastic tube allows you to transport your high-quality MusicSafe earplugs in a handy small container protected from impact and pressure. You can run a key chain through the provided hole. The ClearVail tube comes with the SonicSet.

CleanUpWe also offer a 30 ml CleanUp pump spray which enables you to use your MusicSafe plugs for a long time. CleanUp was specially developed for earplugs. In contrast to other cleansers and disinfectants, it does not attack the high-quality surfaces of the earplugs.

If you loose something: The SonicSet also contains replacement lamella. If you loose one of the plugs, your MusicSafe SonicSet Pro can still be utilized since the replacement lamella allow you use the rest of the set.

Inserts comfortably: An insertion tool is included in the SonicSet. The MusicSafe earplugs can be safely inserted in ears with deep auditory canals.

Important: SonicShop always ships the latest generation of MusicSafe plugs. SonicSet Pro version. You can still find the older MusicSafe III or MusicSafe II version for sale.

For ever?
The MusicSafe SonicSet Pro is not made to last for ever, but if you clean and maintain it well, you should be able to enjoy the small HiFi plugs last for at least one and a half years.

About size.
At present, the MusicSafe SonicSet Pro is the smallest filter earplug on the market. This makes it the least unobtrusive hearing protection available. Depending on the size of your auditory canal, it practically disappears. Even if your auditory canal is small, it sits comfortably and unobtrusively and is definitely less obvious than other earplugs, even if it is not completely invisible. For very small auditory canals, the MusicSafe SonicSet Pro allows you to shorten the two lamella and further optimize the seat.