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UltraTech (light grey/white)

HiFi-hearing protection for best sound quality in discreet light grey/white. Comes with a convenient storage box.

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Useful Accessories:

CleanUp, disinfector and cleaning solution.

PocketCase, the case perfect for carrying in your pants pocket.


UltraTechHearing protection with super sound.

Music sounds best when it reaches the ear only quieter but not duller. This is UltraTech!

A clever filter system makes for an almost equal absorption of all frequencies.

In addition the filter stresses the speech area. This helps to understand speech even whilst wearing the plug.

Three soft membranes make for an optimal fit in the ear. Even after wearing UltraTech for a long time it will still be comfortable.

UltraTech filterWith UltraTech you won't experience the "closure effect" - through the open filter system UltraTech is acoustically transparent in your ear. Even direction hearing is still possible.

SonicGramUltraTech is serially delivered with sticks (grips that you use to insert the plug). These sticks are firmly connected to the soft lamellas and accommodate the filter, so that you can always insert or take out UltraTech quickly.

The small plug case fits into your pocket - for an optimal protection of your UltraTech when you carry them around.

UltraTech is one of the smaller hearing protection plugs with only 33mm length. Only MusicSafe SonicSet Pro is smaller with 20mm length.