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How to use foam plugs...

Foam earplugs: Small, soft, powerful. And easy to use

Important information about the usage of formable hearing protection plugs:

Foam earplugBefore you use the plug please check if your plug is made for one-time usage or multiple usage. This information you will find on the package or at the SonicShop. Please ask us.

In an environment with high sound level you will only get full protection if you follow the directions and use the plug without interruption. If you remove the hearing protection whilst being in a noisy environment you will endanger your hearing. You should check the plugs on a regular basis if they are damaged or if the sound absorption is reduced. If so, please use new plugs.

If you do not use your plugs store them in their original package in a clean and dry environment. In case your plugs do not include a reusable package in delivery please ask us about it: we have plug cases on sale.

Cleaning: not every rubber foam plug is washable. Please ask us or follow the instructions on your package. After usage wash your plugs with warm water and a mild soap. Please do not use alcohol or any aggressive cleaners.

In general it is very important that you are aware of hygiene when using ear plugs. Only touch them with clean fingers and insert only clean and dry plugs in your ear.

Warning: If you do not follow these instructions the protection effect of your plug might be affected heavily.

Usage: Roll the plug lengthwise with clean fingers. One hand reaches over your head and pulls the ear a little bit up. With your other hand deeply insert the rolled plug into your auditory canal. Hold it until it is fully expanded (30-60 seconds).

For continuous users: First you will have to get used to rubber foam hearing protection. That's why we recommend to extend the duration of use bit by bit. If you exceed an usage time of 1 hour per day we recommend reusable hearing protection. This is usually more comfortable and more economic. Examples for reusable hearing protection: MusicSafe SonicSet Pro, UltraTech, MultiPlux, ...