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This product is currently NOT AVAILABLE. Check out our German hearing protection shop and discover great new solutions.

Useful Accessories:

CleanUp, disinfector and cleaning solution.


Reusable plugs with band.

MultiPlugsIf you want to use hearing protection more often and you are keen on a special design then MultiPlux will be the right plugs for you.

MultiPlux are applicable in all kinds of situations and can be used again after cleaning with a mild soap sud.

MultiPlugs insideThe secret: Kraton, a soft plastic, and an air cushion in the plug make for an especially comfortable fitting. Super soft and anatomically formed lamellas make it easy to insert the plug. By the way: Kraton is very eudermic.

With its attached stem you can take out MultiPlux with one grip. And since MultiPlux comes with a band your hearing protection is always ready to hand.

Areas of application (e.g. in private): during leisure and sports, noisy music, do it yourself, convertible driving and motorbike riding, against noisy neighbors, for concentrated working and so on.

MultiPlugsMultiPlux are also suitable for occupational safety and health.

SonicGramThe medium sound absorption lies at around 25 decibels and the absorption curve is especially flat. This makes for a comfortable sound despite a strong protection (more information about sound properties you can find here).