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Useful Accessories:

CleanUp, disinfector and cleaning solution.

PocketCase, the case perfect for carrying in your pants pocket.


eQuiet - Top quality high-frequency sound suppression

eQuietYour hearing is specially endangered by high frequencies. The eQuiet provides the optimum protection: Low sounds are slightly suppressed, and high frequencies are greatly suppressed.

Where noise is hiding
Not very many people are aware: Most people with hearing damage have difficulty hearing sound in the higher frequencies. This is frequently caused by noise in this frequency range. Examples of this are shrill sources of sound and loud noise from tweeters in discotheques or concerts. The eQuiet is made just for this range: It only slightly dampens low frequencies (partially SonicGrambelow 10 dB - better than anyone else!), and it is extremely effective against high-frequency noise (more than 30 dB damping - amazing!).

The resonance system ensures comfort
The eQuiet achieves this extraordinary attenuation characteristic by using two simple tricks: Minute sound openings ensure that a slight amount of sound can pass through. A minimal amount of sound reaches the ear. A large cavity functions as a resonance converter and gives the earplug a special sound and comfortable feel.

Air cushion earplugs
The large cavity is for more than acoustics. It ensures that the eQuiet remains comfortable in the ear. The cavity is highly elastic and conducts heat perfectly like no solid earplug can. You will be surprised at how yielding the eQuiet is when pressure is exerted on it.

eQuietRegular ventilation
The unique feature of this price class: the eQuiet ensures an even exchange of air at the eardrum. This reduces the foreign body feeling, heat does not accumulate, and your own voice is not as strong as with other earplugs.

Economical earplug with a filtering effect
The eQuiet is the first non-solid earplug with a filtering effect below 10 euros in our product line. It is also suitable as an economical earplug for music events. The initial feedback we have received from musicians has led us to recommend it for this application as well.

eQuietAccessories and product life
The eQuiet is reusable and can be cleaned. Our special cleaning spray keeps it hygienic and elastic for a long time.

We deliver eQuiet pairs in a hygienic blister package. Included in the delivery: A semi-transparent tube (ClearVail) with a screw top and hole for the keychain that can hold two earplugs. It is round (important for pocket comfort), and protects the eQuiet from outside influences. This extends the life of the earplugs.

What are the sizes?
Because the eQuiet is for everyone's ears, it comes in three different sizes. Remember: The large and small versions are quite large and quite small. If you are unsure, order the medium version ("A"). This size is right for 95% of all auditory canals. The size "S" eQuiet is for children age 12 to 14. Starting at 15 years of age, a regular size is advisable if you are not sure which size is right.