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WorkSafe SonicSet – including spray and everCord

Perfectly equipped for environments that require permanent noise protection.

If you are wearing hearing protection for many hours on a daily basis, you’ll be familiar with this problem: after wearing normal capsule ear protection or rubber foam based ear protection for more than half an hour, you might have a dull or pressure-like feeling in your ears.

WorkSafe SonicSet is changing the game!

UniFit II ear protection for noisy workplacesUnbeatable advantages:

Picture enlarged. Original length only 19mm.


The double lamella makes all the difference.

The double lamella makes all the difference. The secret of WorkSafe lies in its lamellas. The particularly soft material nestles up against the shape of your ear and becomes - due to body heat - softer after wearing it for a while. Most other ear plugs have three or more lamellas. WorkSafe only uses two lamellas, so that the forces that work on the auditory canal remain as low as possible.

Absorption curve: Effective against dangerous frequencies.

WorkSafe absorption curve (SonicGramm)The higher the frequency the likelier you run the danger of damaging your hearing. Noise in the 2 kHz range is especially dangerous since these are frequencies your hearing is most sensitive to. Most hearing damages happen within the 1 to 4 kHz range. This is where WorkSafe comes in. Its special filter creates an especially strong absorption in the 2 kHz range. You can still hear and comprehend people that talk to you, even when wearing the ear plugs. WorkSafe creates an optimal balance between protection and sound/speech comprehensibility.

WorkSafe filter with aeration systemWorkSafe filter with aeration system.

The filter has a very small, defined opening in the middle. It makes sure that air gets through to the ear. At the same time, the opening is responsible for the kind of frequencies that are supposed to be absorbed. With WorkSafe SonicSet and its filter “pressure on your ear” while wearing ear protection isn’t an issue anymore.

The everCordWorkSafe on the everCord – only with SonicSet.

We know what’s important when you are using ear protection on a regular basis. That’s why WorkSafe comes as part of SonicSet. The following practical accessories are included:

WorkSafe storage boxWorkSafe storage box for usage at work.

If you’d like to equip your staff with noise protection think about WorkSafe SonicSet. Costs are far below fabricated ear protection and every employee automatically receives cleansing solution. The everCord neck strap can also be used for other work supplies and ClearVail is ideal for usage at work.

How durable is WorkSafe?

In the end it depends on how often you use your WorkSafe ear plugs, in which environment you wear them and how you care for them. A good guidance comes from our customers: If you clean and care for it properly, you should be able to wear WorkSafe for at least 10-15 months. Quite often they last a lot longer – our customers tell us that 2 years are quite common...