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CleanUp, disinfector and cleaning solution.


For adults and children: CeramX, a special filter, makes for an optimal ear clearing.

earPlanesOne third of all flight passengers suffer from ear pain during the flight because of fast increasing/decreasing air pressure during take-off and landing. In several cases passengers suffer discomfort for long periods after the flight.

Especially children suffer. Parents often don't know why their children are uneasy during landing and complain about pain or even cry.

During the flight the air pressure in the cabin is as high as the air pressure that exists at 2,500 m to 3,500 m above sea level. Your middle ear adjusts to this low air pressure and during landing the pressure builds back up to ground level pressure within a few minutes - this is too fast, thereby causing discomfort and pain for most passengers, especially for children.

earPlanesThe ear clearing between your environment and your middle ear happens through the eustachian tube. Lots of passengers have a blocked eustachian tube that can't be opened enough through active methods like swallowing or chewing. Therefore the ear drum vaults and this leads to ear pain and even injuries like rips and bleeding of the ear drum (baro trauma). Especially children suffer from this effect since their eustachian tube is not fully developed.

Hearing protection that was especially developed for flights is the solution for millions of people. earPlanes make for a slow and continuous ear clearing between your environment and your middle ear and thus also protect the ears of little passengers. Due to their extremely soft lamellas earPlanes are very comfortable.

earPlanes are available in two sizes (for children from age 3 to 10 and for adults and young people as of 10 years and older).