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CleanUp, disinfector and cleaning solution.

N300 - ear pressure manager

Never again experience unpleasant pressure in your ears. Our ear pressure manager is perfect for airplane flights.

Ear pain during flights is unfortunately very common: More than 30% of flight passengers complain of pressure in their ears. As of today, this no longer has to be a problem: With our ear pressure manager N300, you can relieve pressure in your ear gently and gradually.

After the plane takes off, the problem starts.
The reason why is easy to describe: In the middle ear of the airplane passenger, the pressure is the same as on takeoff. However, air pressure is less at three thousand feet. N300 in useThe air in the middle ear expands and presses on the eardrum – sometimes painfully. This is not only annoying, but your hearing also decreases. The strong difference in pressure generally prevents you from adjusting by swallowing.

The method is proven: It works.
The solution is actually quite simple: Just insert the ear pressure manager in your ear during takeoff, press the button and create a pressure equilibrium. Your eardrum and Eustachian tubes quickly relax. Most people can now achieve an equilibrium by swallowing. And that is that. You can do the same thing with your other ear if needed and plug in the ear pressure manager. If you want, you can savor the jealous looks of your fellow travelers for a while who are still suffering from ear pressure.

N300The solution fits in very pocket.
The ear pressure manager N300 is intentionally made small: No bigger than a cell phone, it fits in any pocket and is easy to access during a trip.

N300Universal and reusable
The N300 can be used repeatedly. The earplugs are easy to remove and clean. Our ear pressure manager is suitable for more than airplane travel. It also comes in handy when driving through mountains or riding in an elevator. The ear pressure manager can counteract ear pressure on mountain peaks or the top floor of skyscrapers. It's as easy as 1-2-3. The N300 is also suitable for children (three and above).

N300Safety first.
A safety valve in the ear pressure manager reliably ensures that a fixed pressure is not exceeded. You can press the button all you want. This makes sure that an unhealthy pressure builds up.

N300 earplugsAccessories, not batteries.
The high pressure manager is a mechanical solution. It does not have any electronic parts and does not require any power. We deliver the N300 with an appropriate cap. It automatically locks in place and reliably seals the wound end of the hose. We provide two additional EarTips (elastic end plugs) in the set. The N300 can thereby be adapted to any auditory canal.