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Useful Accessories:

CleanUp, disinfector and cleaning solution.

TravelFit Set

Enjoy relaxed holidays!

Noise can screw up the best holidays! Environmental noise can make it impossible to concentrate while you are traveling. Travel more relaxed – travel with the SonicShop TravelFit Set.

Being on the road can be exhausting:

TravelFitTravelFit protects you against disturbing environmental noise. The special filter absorbs sound perfectly without locking you out from the outside world. You can still hear alarms and ringing although the overall volume will be dampened.

Due to its very special shape TravelFit is suitable for almost every ear: The user can adapt length and width itself.

TravelFit filtersSpecial filter: air-conditioned
TravelFit comes with special filters. Since the filter is open to the outside world it prevents pressure in your ear. This is a very crucial advantage compared to normal rubber foam plugs. Air conditioning means: less pressure feeling and less sweating in the auditory canal. The TravelFit filters can be removed for cleaning purposes. In order to clean TravelFit ear plugs we recommend CleanUp cleansing solution.

No pressure in your ear
TravelFit’s small lamellas are made of an especially flexible and durable plastic that snuggles the form of your ear due to body heat. That’s why TravelFit is very comfortable to wear. Lots of other hearing protection solutions need three or more lamellas for dampening and thus give you a closed feeling in your ear. Travel Fit achieves maximum sound absorption with only 2 extremely thin lamellas. (Picture on the right enlarged)

Lots of extras – a special holiday protection set

TravelFit Plugs
2x extremely soft TravelFit Plugs
2x special filters with air-conditioning

Transport case
1x transport case (included)
1x insertion assistance (included)

Bilsom 303ClearVail
2x Bilsom 303 (included)
1x ClearVail (included)


How quiet is it with TravelFit?
TravelFit is not a hearing protection in the German ‘employment protection’-sense. That’s why there is no SNR value for this product. Nevertheless SonicShop tested the plugs in its own laboratory and can document a medium dampening of approximately 19 dB. This means: Sounds coming from the outside are decreased by 19 decibels! By the way: Especially high sounds are dampened (these are the ones that are most disturbing anyways).

Important: Alarm sounds mostly have a sound level of more than 70 decibels. TravelFit’s open filter guarantee that you will still hear alarm sounds (e.g. alarm clocks or telephone).

For eternity?
Of course TravelFits are not made for eternity. But with proper cleansing and care they should do their job up to 1.5 years. That’s why it makes sense to compare prices: Regular usage of one-way plugs is usually more expensive.
We recommend CleanUp for cleaning.