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Hearing Protection especially for children: Earplugs for small ears

EarPlugs for adults do not fit in small ears most of the time: the ear canal is quite small, foam ear plugs are squeezed out of the ear after a few minutes.

Sonic Shop offers different solutions for children:

The currently most popular solution is the KidCap „Junior". A pair of very light ear caps with super soft foam padding. The clou: KidCap is a lot of fun for kids -because it is colorful. And which child does not like to wear „Mickey Mouse"?

Our silicon plugs „Mack's Plugs" are not squeezed into the ear canal, instead they cover it up. This is very gentle on childrens ears. The silicon units are separable and suitable for very small ears. Also appropriate for use as water protection.

Aquafit Jr. is at the moment the smallest ear plug on the market and protects especially the ears of the taller children. We also offer this ear plug in our line of products for adults.

When children are travelling by plane, the air pressure sometimes causes a lot of trouble. During take offs and landings it hurts. earPlanes we have in a small version in our assortment. They ease down the air pressure change slowly to the sensible ears.

Especially tuned for the harmful high frequencies ist the eQuiet. It is suitable for children 12 and older and is designed to allow venting of the ear.

Information: If you want to know more about "volume" and "noise" we recommend our special page.


Kid Caps "Junior"

KidKaps Junior

Aquafit Junior

Aquafit Junior

Mack's Plugs

Mack's Plugs

earPlanes (small)


eQuiet (small)