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Mack's Plugs

Mack's PlugsForm your individual water and hearing protection.

An especially comfortable hearing protection for people who are into sports (especially water sports) and all people who want to wear their hearing protection outside the ear and not in the auditory canal.

Mack's are made of extremely soft silicon. A whole Mack's fits into big ears. People with small ears can divide one Mack's and use it for both ears.

Mack's are very hygienic: The smooth surface doesn't provide any home for fungus, the material doesn't grease and you don't have dirty hands afterwards (which you will have with wax hearing protection).

SonicGramMack's material is harmless and can be recycled after use. The package is recyclable as well. A test of the magazine "Ökotest" evaluated Mack's with "very well".

With an average absorption of 20 decibels and a very strong high tone characteristic Mack's provide especially good protection for the dangerous high frequencies.

Mack's PlugsMack's Plugs are now aviable in 3 different colors.

Mack's are pressed on the outside of your ear and snuggle the form of your ear. Therefore they don't go as deep into the auditory canal as casual plugs. For people with a sensitive auditory canal this is a critical advantage.


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