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KidCaps "Junior" C1

Protect kids’ sensitive ears

KidCaps in useChildren’s ears change shape and grow very quickly. Very few protective ear plugs fit perfectly and, if they do, it won’t be for long.

Children’s ears are not only particularly sensitive to noise, any damage caused noise during childhood is also irreparable and leave long-lasting effects. Ensure your children are adequately protected by using hearing protection.

KidCaps Junior C1Foam ear plugs very often don’t fit into children’s ears as the ear canal is usually not yet wide enough. Consequently, the ear plug won’t stay in the ear canal and therefore is not effective, or ear plugs may also feel tight and very uncomfortable.

SonicShop has an immediate solution - our Kid Cup "Junior" C1 offers optimum hearing protection for children from 5 to about 12 years, even when they are worn for longer periods of time.

SonicGramWhether they are attending a concert or other noisy events, standing close to loud machines or visiting a noisy building site, participating in noisy sports such as motor racing and shooting, or doing DIY, KidCaps Junior will safely protect your little ones’ ears.

Our Kid Cups are pale blue, making them fun to wear, so children will wear hearing protection willingly.

KidCaps with Carity technology KidCaps are the only solution for children to use "Clarity" technology. This technology ensures loud noise is adequately reduced, but speech is not completely masked out. Anyone who speaks to children wearing hearing protection can usually be understood. Individual sounds and warning signals can still be heard. This is particularly important for detecting potential hazards, or if you wish to call your children.



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