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M1 (6-Point Muffs)

M1 in usePerfect ear muffs with a good reputation

Ear protection is often not worn in places such as the work place because ear muffs fit badly or are too tight. The M1 will put a stop to such practices.

Ear muffs must meet three essential requirements:

Our favourite with a replacement warranty
In our opinion, SonicShop offers the best ear muffs for wearing over long periods of time. In making our choice, we have ensured that our 6-point ear muffs have particularly soft pads, which can be replaced if required. If they are used frequently, you can save money by replacing the padding at regular intervals.

SonicGramIntelligent noise reduction optimised for speech
A high level of noise reduction is only practical if speech can still get through. You will want to understand what is being said to you. The M1 has an extremely high level of noise reduction at 40 decibels between 500 and 8000 Hertz. However, the characteristic line of noise reduction is very straight. The result - the user can understand speech when wearing the M1. What’s more, speech doesn’t sound as muffled as it does with other ear muffs.

M1Exceptionally robust
Solid design, well-conceived articulations and an adjustable metal band to fit over the head ensure you are fully satisfied with your purchase.

Perfect fit
M1 ear muffs can be adjusted at six different points as required. Besides the two length adjustments on the band, there are 2 settings on either side which optimise the fit over the ears. The cups can even be placed in a slanting position if required. The M1’s large cups allow plenty of space for your ears.

M1 compactCompact storage
The M1 folds compactly together and is quickly tucked away. It is thus ideal for use when making visits to different sites.

All soft padding is made of washable synthetic material and can be replaced. The articulations have a solid design and the headband is made of metal. This ensures the ear muffs will last a long time.

A sleek look
Ear muffs can also look really good. The M1 wins over with its sleek, dark colours which shimmer in the light with an appealing metallic pearl effect. Too cool for words.