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PocketEarThe sound meter for your pocket - now including: HiFi hearing protection!

When is sound too loud and when does it become dangerous?

The human hearing knows when sound becomes unbearable or even painful, but it doesn't notice when sound reaches damageable volumes. From 65 dB on noise can already be disturbing, from 85 dB on it can damage your ear. More information about sound, noise and hearing you can find here.

With PocketEar it is possible to measure sound in your environment - this is for your protection in case a certain limit is crossed.

PocketEarPocketEar is flat, rotund and has no sharp edges so that you can carry it around in your pocket or bag.

Any time you want to know how loud it is at the moment you can activate PocketEar with one key press.

PocketEarFor a secure evaluation of noise in your environment, PocketEar has three levels:

Open the flap of PocketEar. Below you will find three important details:

PocketEarIf it gets too loud or if you receive a warning from pocket ear, simply open the flap and use the MusicSafe hearing protection plugs.
MusicSafe is a HiFi hearing protection plug with best sound and ventilation. We deliver PocketEar with MusicSafe plugs that come with a purple filter (music filter). More information about MusicSafe with two further pair of filters (this does not come serially with PocketEar) you can find here.

PocketEar workingAnd that's how PocketEar works:

Press the red PocketEar button and hold it as long as you want to measure. When the volume you set before is crossed, PocketEar will flash yellow and if it stays like this for a longer time it will flash in alarming red.



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