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No longer aviable. Please check out the new PocketCase.




Transport your hearing protection safely.

ComfortCaseThe rotund form will make this case fit into every pocket. It is pressure proof and lined with rubber foam.

ComfortCaseComfortCase comes with a zipper. Special feature: at the end of the zipper you will find a loop so that you can use it also as a key fob.

In the interior you will find space for all kinds of hearing protection (especially suitable for individual hearing protection!). A rubber foam frame stabilizes ComfortCase: nothing will get swatted even when there is pressure from outside.

A transparent inner pocket provides room for coins and small parts. If you e.g. go for a concert you will safe space in your pocket or bag.


All advantages at a glance:


Caution: Our ComfortCase comes serially with every set of MotoSafe II.