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Ohropax Clima Wool

Keeps wind and iciness from your ears.

Clima WoolHere comes the optimal solution for all beach vacationers, convertible drivers, bicycle drivers, ... and of course for all people with wind-sensitive ears.

Ohropax clima wool consists of pre-formed, water repelling and treated lamb's wool.

Ohropax clima wool is sound permeable. This means that when you wear it, your environment will only be slightly quieter and you can have a conversation without any problems. Clima wool has the color of skin and thus doesn't attract any attention. Wearing Ohropax clima wool does not impact your skin respiration. White cotton or hankies in your ear should finally be water under the bridge.

Clima WoolOhropax clima wool is flexible and provides enough sealing even for big auditory canals. Since Clima Wool is suitable for salt water you can also use it when you are on holiday at the sea.

Ohropax clima wool can help preventing disorders in your middle ear. The little wool balls protect against wind and iciness and create warmth in your ear which will be very important during winter times. During summer time though, wind wool will not cause any heat congestion due to its special fibers.

We deliver Ohropax clima wool in a convenient dispenser box so that you can take out the rolled woolen bunches individually.